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When our family finally started planning to build our dream home, we decided to look into the addition of a residential elevator. In the selection process Hybrid Elevator stood out to us and we chose them because, like our home, our elevator would be custom built to suit our needs and taste (ours is a stained real mahogany interior with Italian stainless steel accents). Hybrid Elevator’s low operating costs, energy efficiency and ecofriendly technology was another deciding factor for our family.

Having this Hybrid Elevator in our home has made a significant impact on my family’s quality of life. My father suffers from weak knees and can now avoid the stairs and enjoy all levels of our 3 story home, even during a power outage. My mother also feels less burdened by daily household tasks and uses the elevator to take laundry and groceries between floors.

Above and beyond all of that, the level of service we received was exceptional. Both Lance & Jade were great to deal with; they were attentive to our needs throughout the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a residential elevator.

Ranjit Takhar & Family
We couldn’t be happier with the residential elevator that Hybrid Elevator Inc. of Kelowna has installed in our existing 2 1/2 story home!  It was a technically difficult installation as the elevator needed to stop in three places and have two opposing access doors with no room for an elevator pit.  It works brilliantly and we didn’t need to create a new foundation or footing for it!  Thank you guys soooo much!

Maureen F. & Sandy H.
Command Industries has had the privilege of knowing Lance Davidson for over five years now and have enjoyed working on various projects with and for him. I find his enthusiastic work ethic refreshing along with his creativity and wide range of knowledge in so many areas, not the least of which is his understanding of manufacturing processes.  When Lance bought out a small residential elevator company in Kelowna I was very curious as to what he would do to transform it. Transform it he did. His approach in making this new product the best in so many areas; practical design, ease of use, efficiency, economy, and even in reducing shipping costs through a creative redesign. The commitment and energy he puts into his projects can only be explained as extraordinary. I look forward to continually building our relationship with Hybrid Elevator and am excited about what Lance and Jade will do as they grow.

Joerg R. Hopp, President & GM, Command Industries Inc.
Our experience with Hybrid Elevator was extremely good. From the start we had smooth and detailed correspondence and that carried through to a very successful installation and follow up. We are very pleased with the value and quality that we received from Hybrid Elevator and certainly plan on using them for all of our future elevator needs.

Dave Sowiak, Go 2 Builders Inc., Nelson B.C.
We just had our Hybrid elevator installed and we couldn’t be happier. Lance and Ashley did a great job from start to finish. When things are customized there can be problems due to the circumstance but they made sure everything worked perfect. What made us choose Hybrid is that it is very quiet, no fluids, works when there is a power outage, built in phone if there was a problem and you forget your cell phone, priced very well compared to what is on the market, can be customized to fit your space and it is built and serviced from Kelowna.

Kent M.
I would like to thank the good people of Hybrid Elevator in Kelowna B.C. for their dedicated performance to getting myself, a recently paralyzed middle aged man, mobile and where he belongs, out in the community! Our home is a second floor condo walk-up. Without the aid of someone carrying me in and out I was housebound!

I heard about Hybrid Elevator through a friend. I was amazed that they were the first company of the 3 that I had contacted that told me that I may qualify for funding! My wife and I got together with Marianne and went through the necessary forms. Our application was approved! Kudos to Hybrid Elevator for one recommending and two for being as patient with the process.

Our elevator has enabled us to remain in our home that we bought only one month before my injury! My injury not being compensated in any way prevented us from buying another home. The welcome addition of our very sleek and sophisticated Hybrid Elevator has allowed my wife and I to remain happy homeowners.

I would personally recommend that anyone in need of an elevator contact the good people at Hybrid Elevator and give them an opportunity to meet your needs with the friendly professional service that they provided us with!.

Brent W.
Thank you for installing your elevator in our home. We thought we’d have to sell our home due to our health issues, but now we can stay in the home we’ve loved for years

Judy J.
Putting an elevator in our home opened our home to a whole new market. We sold our home only one week after it was installed. Thanks so much!

Fred and Darcy M.

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