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Custom Function: For homes that require functional & affordable accessibility solutions

Our Custom line of Hybrid Elevators offers functional, affordable accessibility solutions without compromise at a competitive price. Each of our Hybrid Elevators is custom built and fit to available space, allowing you to maximize the usable square footage in your home.

With over 100 hand-selected finishes to choose from, our Design Specialists will assist you in creating a seamless fit into your home. Our Custom line includes your choice of durable WilsonArt laminate, Italian stainless steel Car Operating Panel & Hall Stations, brushed stainless steel Hand Rail and LED lighting.

Our Custom line of Hybrid Elevators also features our eco-friendly, energy efficient, economical and exclusive Hybrid Technology. Hybrid Technology provides reliable performance, even during power outages and is able to operate off the grid with solar, wind or water power input. To learn more about what makes our Hybrid technology unique, click here.

Please Contact Us to set up an appointment to discuss the addition of a Hybrid Elevator to your home.


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Standard Options

  • Hybrid Drive System
    • 950 Lbs Lift Capacity
  • Italian Stainless Steel Fixtures
    • Car Operating Panel
    • Call Stations
    • Handrail
  • LED Lighting
  • Hands free Phone
  • WilsonArt Laminite
  • Custom Fit to Available Space