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The Hybrid Drive system is the only belt driven, low voltage and on-demand power system available in today’s residential elevator industry.

  • Belt Driven: featuring noise and vibration dampening properties as well as increased efficiency, makes travelling large distances simple and economical
  • Low Voltage: one of a kind technology saves our customers both in operating costs as well as in electrical infrastructure investment
  • Battery Operated: on-demand power system providing sustainable, consistent and reliable performance, even in adverse operating conditions such as power outages
  • Eco-friendly: and operable off the grid through alternative power sources such solar, wind or water

Proprietary Aluminum Design Back to Top

Innovative and unique in design and performance, we have worked with the world’s leading aluminum supplier to develop our exclusive aerospace -grade aluminum elevator system in order to achieve maximum performance, efficiency and durability.
  • Stronger: aluminum is up to 3x stronger than steel per pound
  • Lighter: our elevator system is lightweight, responsive and consumes less energy, significantly reducing our carbon footprint
  • Longer Lifespan: aluminum does not corrode or degrade like steel, it becomes stronger as it ages
  • Sustainable: aluminum is one of the world’s most sustainable materials with 72% of the aluminum produced since 1886 still in use today

Fit to Available Space Back to Top

Specifically designed to maximize the usable square footage in your home, Hybrid Elevator offers the most flexible residential elevator system available.

  • Custom Built: each Hybrid Elevator is designed to fit the available space in your home
  • Minimal Footprint: allows you to maximize available square footage
  • Self-contained: additional space outside of the elevator shaft is not required
  • Accommodate: multiple entry, exit and drive positions
  • Retro-fit: specific upgrades & options to accommodate retrofit applications

Innovative Manufacturing Back to Top

Our innovative manufacturing practices allow us to offer our customers more without increasing the cost of our products. We are proud to use the highest quality materials and are continually innovating to be more responsive to our customer’s needs.

  • Innovation: drives our manufacturing practices to increase efficiencies and adaptability
  • Technology: helps us to improve our products, processes and offerings
  • Efficiency: minimal waste is created throughout the production process
  • Flexibility: each part we manufacture can be used in multiple applications

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