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The Art of Elevation

“Every year we take on a handful of custom bespoke projects for customers looking for something that no one else has…”


Our Bespoke residential elevator line of Hybrid Elevators blends the functionality and technical superiority that is the heart of every Hybrid Elevator with an unprecedented level of customization in design and aesthetics. Here we work one on one with each of our customers to create a unique piece of “elevator art” that is reflective of our customer’s distinct style and personality.

Only a select number of Bespoke projects are taken on and receive the full attention of Hybrid Elevators very own R&D Department.

If you seek to truly be unique, our mission to design, blend and build the best in art, form and function to create an unparalleled elevation experience for our customers is realized here in our Bespoke residential elevator line of Hybrid Elevators.

To set up an appointment to discuss the creation of a one of a kind Bespoke elevator for your home, please Contact Us to set up an appointment with one of our Design Specialists.

Featured Project: Carrs Landing Project

Every year Hybrid Elevator takes on a handful of custom Bespoke projects for those looking to have something completely unique. The objective of the Carrs Landing Project was to create a functional piece of art that would serve as the focal point of the home.

“This is a one of a kind elevator; it won’t be built anywhere else. We will probably never build one again; it’s been designed and engineered specifically for this home owner.”


Built in the shape of an eye, this elevator was designed to fit the available space within the homes 3 story spiral staircase. Inside and out, the entire elevator shaft is wrapped in luxurious Black Walnut strips and accented by custom hand blown stained glass that depict scenes from Lake Okanagan and the surrounding Carrs Landing area. These back lit stained glass windows and doors can be viewed from the interior or exterior of the elevator and take the occupant on a journey from sun rise to sun set as they travel through the home.

The interior of the elevator cabin features specially imported curved glass windows from California. These windows allow the occupant an unobstructed view of the Black Walnut strips and stained glass accents featured in the elevator shaft. Custom formed and oxidized Core 10 Steel was selected for the counterweight and can be seen in motion from inside the elevator cabin. Careful design ensured that the rest of the mechanical and electrical system would be completely hidden from sight.

A star light ceiling in the elevator cabin creates the illusion that the occupant is ascending into the heavens. Built with solid Black Walnut, the interior of the elevator cabin was hand built and tailored to fit the curved space within the stairwell. Completing the interior is a custom shaped bronze hand rail and antique anodized control panel imported from Italy.

"Hybrid Elevator has an understanding of what is unique, and what is custom…. They are always thinking outside of the box and opening up your mind up to new ideas."


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