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BespokeFor Homes That Require The Finest In Art, Form & Function

Our Bespoke residential elevator line of Hybrid Elevators blends the functionality and technical superiority that is the heart of every Hybrid Elevator with an unprecedented level of customization in design and aesthetics. Here we work one on one with each of our customers to create a unique piece of “elevator art” that is reflective of our customer’s distinct style and personality.

Only a select number of Bespoke projects are taken on and receive the full attention of Hybrid Elevators very own R&D Department.

If you seek to truly be unique, our mission to design, blend and build the best in art, form and function to create an unparalleled elevation experience for our customers is realized here in our Bespoke residential elevator line of Hybrid Elevators.

To set up an appointment to discuss the creation of a one of a kind Bespoke elevator for your home, please Contact Us to set up an appointment with one of our Design Specialists.

Featured Bespoke Residential Elevator Project

The client’s vision was to incorporate a functional, working piece of art to serve as the focal point of their home.

Extraordinary vision,  engineering and craftsmanship were required to create this unique, one of a kind piece of elevator art. The entire mechanical system was custom engineered to fit the available oval shaped space inside the home’s 3 story spiral staircase.

A custom rail system was designed to be hidden from sight through the windows of the elevator cab. A unique counterweight system was designed from special Corten oxidized steel and can be seen while the elevator is in motion. Selected for its rustic aesthetics, the Corten steel was specially formed to accommodate the tight, curved tolerance between the elevator cab and shaft.

The elevator shaft is wrapped inside and out in Black Walnut strips so that it is as beautiful on the inside, as on the outside. Custom blown stained glass windows accent the shaft and were made to reflect scenes of Lake Okanagan. They can be seen from inside the elevator cab, taking the occupant on a journey from sunrise to sunset as the elevator travels. Backlit with special LED lighting, these stained-glass windows can be viewed from inside the elevator cab and glow during the night.

Custom pressed and shaped to perfectly fit the available space inside the elevator shaft, the elevator cab is built in an oval shape from luxurious Black Walnut. The elevator cab features an LED starlight ceiling and custom curved glass windows designed to allow the occupant to view the interior of the elevator shaft, stained glass windows and counterweight system as they travel. To compliment the Black Walnut interior is a custom-made hand rail and Italian stainless-steel control panel in an anodized antique finish. Custom sandblasted walnut flooring finishes off this amazing feature.


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