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Q: What is a Hybrid Elevator?

A: Hybrid Elevators run on the patent pending Hybrid Drive System. The Hybrid Drive System operates on a standard 110V household plugin or can be maintained off the grid with wind or solar power. Hybrid Elevators regenerate energy while braking in either direction making them extremely efficient and able to continue to operate for up to a week in the event of a power outage in the home.

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Q: What is the benefit of a Hybrid Drive System versus a traditional Hydraulic System?

A:  A Hybrid Elevator operates free of flammable, odorous and environmentally unfriendly hydraulic fluids, oils and grease. Our system requires less space and does not require a separate machine room for hydraulic pumps and equipment. 220V power is also not required.

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Q: Can a Hybrid Elevator fit into my existing home?

A: Yes, it can. Modifications can be made to an existing structure to accommodate a Hybrid Elevator. There are multiple options for modifying pre-existing structures depending on the application.

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Q: What do you mean by sustainable living?

A: Sustainable living refers to improving your current standard of living with a proactive approach to the future. No matter your age or level of ability, you deserve to live in your own home safely, independently and comfortably. By reducing the strain, stress and potential for injury involving the stairs, you can spend more time doing the things that matter to you most. Whether it is due to increasing age, a change in circumstance, or just that grandma and grandpa are coming to visit, removing mobility barriers in the home will allow you to stay in the home that you love without having to compromise.

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Q: What types of finishing options are available?

A: Finishing options are limited only by your imagination. Our cab interiors are fully customizable to suit your needs.

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Q: How long does it take to install a Hybrid Elevator?

A: It generally takes two to four days for a complete installation depending on how many floors the elevator will be servicing.

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Q: What is the monthly cost of running a Hybrid Elevator?

A: Depending on your source of power (electric, solar, wind) Hybrid Elevators operate at a nominal monthly cost resulting in low EAU power consumption.

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Q: How many different sizing options are available for Hybrid Elevators?

A: Each Hybrid Elevator is custom built to suit your needs and the available space in your home. We also offer multiple entry and exit options to accommodate your requirements specifically.

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Q: How often do Hybrid Elevators require maintenance?

A: Hybrid Elevators are very low maintenance but like any machine (eg. car, lawn mower, toaster) it is recommended that they are cared for properly. We recommend that a yearly inspection and maintenance be performed by one of our Service Technicians on all of our Elevators.

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Q: What type of power supply does a Hybrid Elevator require with the electric power option?

A: Hybrid Elevators run on a low voltage 110V power supply. This means that all that is required is a standard household plugin, solar or wind energy.

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Q: What do you mean by environmentally friendly?

A: Hybrid Elevators have a low environmental footprint because they do not require hydraulic fluids, oils or grease which are harmful to the environment. The Hybrid Drive System is extremely efficient, requiring minimal resource input (electric, solar or wind generated) and creates no waste in the process by recycling energy while the elevator is in motion.

Our manufacturing facility also strives to uphold high operational environmental standards. Hybrid Elevator Inc. sources locally whenever possible to cut down on emissions and environmental impacts associated with transportation as well as supporting the local economy.

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Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any other questions you may have. We would be more than happy to assist you.